All about your gaming career

The Shift2Games project aims to popularize gaming professions, and the industry at large, among young people who are finishing their high school or university studies, as well as young professionals already active in other relevant industries. The gaming and creative-tech industries are some of the fastest-developing fields, both globally and in our local and regional contexts. There is a huge demand for both young talent and more experienced professionals, and the aim of this platform, and the project at large, is to support the development of the available talent pool in the best possible way – by addressing students and highschoolers, our future colleagues and professionals, as well as their parents who still need to find out more about our industry, and get reassured about how “serious” and prosperous working in game development may be. Because it is!

We are also addressing all of the young professionals who are interested in professionally stepping into this industry, as well as those who are already professionally active but would like to SHIFT towards gaming and creative tech. Our aim is to make all of the necessary, relevant information available to all of them, help them orientate and get to know this amazing industry which relies on the dedication and passion of the people involved in it, who have built a strong, open and supportive community of people who truly love what they do. And while they are doing it, they are creating products and experiences enjoyed by millions of people, no matter where they are on our planet. 

What is SH1FT2GAM3S?

The project consists of three main parts:  the online educational platform you are browsing right now, informative TV format, and a series of diverse events. All together, they have an aim to provide more information to young women and men about the career possibilities, provide more insights on what it looks like to work in gaming teams and companies and link them with the main players and potential employers in the gaming industry. On the other hand, companies will gain the possibility to expand their talent pool. This initiative should indirectly result in a better match between employers/employees expectations ultimately leading to more productive jobs opportunities. 

The online platform is the key to this process, and provides insights into all key professions and job positions in the gaming industry. The platform describes and demystifies professions in the gaming industry and also helps young people prepare for them, thus expanding our talent pool. Within the platform, various content will be published, such as video interviews with industry professionals, explanatory videos about certain professions within gaming, a news section with information about newly opened positions, expert articles with a focus on the industry jobs, as well as announcements of workshops, matchmaking events and the relevant conferences and job fairs.

The platform is also connected to the SGA Jobs platform, to become a one-stop shop for those interested in getting professionally involved in the gaming industry. 

What other formats are there?

In cooperation with the leading Serbian esports media Fortuna Esports, a new TV format is being launched, dedicated to the affirmation of the creative-tech and gaming industry to young people interested in professional gaming development. With industry experts as regular guests and current news from the industry being presented – six episodes will be broadcasted once a month, with one rerun.

This is just the beginning, and we hope to continue the series and cover all relevant departments and positions within the industry. This unique show aims to reach young people who are passionate about (playing) games but might not be aware that there are genuine career opportunities inside the sector. The SK esports channel is the right place to reach them!

Finally, workshops and events we will organize aim to save onboarding time to both companies and the new employees, who will already have relevant insights into how working in the environment of the game development industry looks like. In the absence of employment events specifically focused on creative/digital skills (an area in which there is a large number of open positions for new employees), the idea is to bring together most ecosystem companies and connect them directly with students and young professionals through job fairs, workshops and targeted pre-qualification courses.

Thank you!

All of this would not have been possible without the genuine support of a multitude of partners and supporters, as well as the amazing Serbian gaming companies and professionals who are always open to share their experience and insights. Thank you! We know that this is just the start.


The Video Game Industry Association of Serbia (SGA) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization dedicated to the development of the domestic gaming industry. Our members are teams, companies and individuals engaged in the production of video games in Serbia, as well as other services related to this, currently the most developed entertainment industry in the world. We are committed to both our member companies and the gaming community and ecosystem as a whole.

Our goal is to increase the competitiveness of members on the global market, to create the best possible conditions for the creation of video games in Serbia, as well as to improve the talent and creativity of people from this sector. All this with the help and support of our partners and friends, and with the coordination of activities and initiatives with representatives of the Government of Serbia, other business and non-profit organizations, the educational sector, as well as other associations of the entertainment industry.

The core of the RECONOMY program is to use current knowledge and practices and encourage learning and exchange between countries. The program achieves this by involving various stakeholders, including public institutions, non-profit organizations, academic communities and businesses. In doing so, the program focuses on common issues facing the countries of both regions, as well as on common actors that can reinforce and support systemic improvements.

Because RECONOMY recognizes that people live in countries, not regions, the program addresses local-regional processes and relationships. Without a place-sensitive framework, development efforts that ignore these facts often fail.

Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V. is a German non-governmental humanitarian organization registered in Bonn in July 1981. At the very beginning of the war in Afghanistan, and the resulting refugee crisis, members of all political parties that make up the German Parliament and other prominent individuals founded Help. Having provided humanitarian aid to refugees from Afghanistan who had defected to Pakistan, Help has expanded its humanitarian work to numerous other countries. The Help organization grants assistance exclusively on the basis of real needs, regardless of the race, origin or nationality of the user.

Today, Help is active all over the world, both in emergency aid projects in crisis situations and in rehabilitation and development projects. Wherever possible we try to link help and self-help. One of the main goals of Help is to encourage communities affected by disasters and poverty in their efforts to improve their living conditions on their own. That is why close cooperation is always achieved and full support is provided to local partners and non-governmental organizations because they know the living conditions, culture and needs of the local population best.

Sida – Swedish Agency for International Development and Cooperation – is a government agency. Our mission is part of the national policy for global development and we strive to reduce world poverty. Sida’s activities are financed from Swedish tax revenues.

We strive to reduce world poverty by allocating resources and knowledge to make a difference for people in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. To achieve this, we collaborate with actors from civil society and universities, as well as from the public and private sectors.

Amplifying the voice of all citizens, fostering good governance, preventing conflict and youth radicalization, and promoting the transformative effects of migration on development are key focus areas of HELVETAS global programs.

Empowerment, inclusion and social cohesion is an aspiration, not a reality, for many people. The worrying trend of authoritarianism in recent years, fueled by populist rhetoric and nationalism, worsens the situation. Meanwhile, the space for civil society continues to shrink.

The Covid-19 crisis has led to further encroachment on civil and political rights. But the pandemic has also highlighted the importance of functioning governance systems. Fostering good governance and protecting human rights takes time — especially in areas of the world marked by fragility, conflict and humanitarian disasters.

The vision of the Creative Tech Serbia consortium is to establish this domain as the “number one” creative industry in Serbia, which will put our country in a leadership position in the field of gaming when it comes to the entire region.

The consortium will focus on supporting talents in this area through diverse forms of cooperation between the academic sector and the economy, as well as civil society organizations and startups dedicated to the development of the formal and informal education system. Through accelerator programs and learning platforms, the consortium will also create a system for further development of existing teams and startups.

In a multidisciplinary industry that includes the work of artists, creatives, engineers, technologists, entrepreneurs and a wide range of other professionals, Creative Tech Serbia will contribute to the creation of additional value for the domestic economy.

When children and young people are ready to go to school, learn and acquire the skills they need to live and work, they are able to build more hopeful and prosperous futures for themselves, their families, communities and countries. Unfortunately, as a result of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, education systems around the world have been devastated, with many schools closed, while children, young people, teachers and families face even greater challenges. USAID remains committed to working with our partners in more than 50 countries to ensure that students and communities stay safe and continue to learn.

USAID is helping our partner countries, students and communities stay safe and continue to learn during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Find out more here.

Behind the Serbia Inovira project is a group of people dedicated to creating an environment that will connect the key players of the innovation-technology ecosystem. Our intention is to jointly encourage and use the innovation potential, thereby improving the economy of Serbia.

Serbia Inovira is a four-year project dedicated to strengthening the economy with the help of innovative solutions for parts of the economy with the greatest development potential. Launched by the ICT Hub with the support of USAID, the ultimate goal of the project is to strengthen the economy of Serbia through the development of innovations. The central place of the project is represented by the Supercluster – a globally confirmed business model, by implementing it in the local environment, we will achieve the desired results.

ICT Hub was created to encourage exchange between creative people who understand each other well. We started in 2014 as a center for innovation and technological entrepreneurship. From the beginning, we connect people, startup teams, companies and organizations and provide them with consultation, education and support. We have quickly grown into one of the key players in the local and regional ecosystem.

Today, we are a team dedicated to unlocking the potential of people and businesses, from small teams to corporations. In times of change, we help them adapt, recognize opportunities and grow.

We help companies grow through innovation and become more adaptable to increasingly complex, rapidly changing business conditions by empowering and supporting people and their ideas. We turn the challenges of new technologies and changes in user behavior into perfect opportunities for growth.

We provide players and spectators with a unique gaming and esports experience.

For us, this is not just a game. We take gaming seriously. We have been enjoying games all our lives. We think about games, we talk about games, we get frustrated about games. We are gamers.

We strive to bring the global esports and competitive spirit of the gaming community closer to players and game lovers from our region.

Fortuna is an innovative esports company founded in 2015. We deal with event organization, studio and video production of esports content for domestic and international audiences, as well as TV and online broadcasting of international esports competitions.